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Vista Real Estate – Revisited History

Nestled in the sloping coastal hills of San Diego County, Vista Real Estate has become a privileged environment for the new buyer. With its excellent location, historic charm and numerous monuments and recreational activities, the Vista Real area is one of San Diego’s most famous landmarks. Add to that a thriving economy, a world-class school system and a different culture, and you’ll understand why Vista’s proximity was once considered the perfect place to raise a family.

Ideal climate and position of Vista Real Estate

The California Vista region is located 11 km from the Pacific Ocean, at the northern end of San Diego County. A large majority of Vista Real Estate is located 45 km north of downtown San Diego. Vista Real Estate is perfect for those who enjoy some of the advantages of the city, but prefer to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Many choose Vista real estate because of the high level of education offered in the city. Vista teachers have an excellent reputation and are among the highest paid educators in the United States. The Vista area is home to San Diego’s largest public library and is renowned as a regional landmark for the entire country.

Historical Charm of Vista Real Estate

The real estate view exudes an atmosphere of old and new. There are still vestiges of Vista’s rich history that are reflected in its real estate assets and in the community. Lemon and avocado trees still occupy an important place in the city, but homes and residential buildings are now replacing open farmland.

The Vista real estate built in recent years consists of large and modern homes, with large driveways. Today, real estate Vista has been created for convenience. However, they still remain homes dedicated to the owner of Vista Real Estate from the past, the farmer. These characteristic old houses have a subtle charm and preserve a certain historical environment. These attractive homes remain an excellent investment.

The average price of Vista Real Estate in 2006 was about $ 500,000. However, these beautiful homes and townhouses can range from $ 200,000 to over $ 3 million. With the increase in demand for Vista properties, prices are also rising.

Leisure activities proposed near Vista Real Estate

The real estate view is accompanied by numerous attractions and important recreational activities. With its rolling hills, mild climate and attractive rural environment, Vista enjoys many outdoor activities throughout the year. Several remarkable museums are spread throughout the city, such as the Vista Historical Museum and the Museum of Gasoline and Steam Engines. Vista is also home to many recreational and entertainment facilities. The Moonlight Amphitheater offers a myriad of shows in the summer, while The Wave Water Park offers entertainment and sunshine for the whole family.


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