Baja California is the best for real estate investments

About 200,000 American expatriates live in Baja California. Baja California properties in resorts such as Rosarito and San Felipe stand out for their affordable housing, which retirees can easily buy while maintaining US citizenship. There is also a considerable community of immigrants from Central and South America, as well as from Canada. Immigrants working in San Diego earn better, pushing Baja California property prices to different levels, and prefer to live in Tijuana, which has a sizeable American population. Investment prospects in Baja California are very different from those of a year ago. In the United States, many successful developers are also building good projects in Baja Norte. Here, buying is a new security that attracts investors not only from the United States, but also from Europe and Asia. The best thing to do here is that the basic criteria for buying properties in Baja are no different for purchases in the United States when it comes to an investment opportunity.

Worried free holidays in Baja

A true paradise for holidaymakers, Baja California has something for everyone: water sports, fishing and sailing, hiking, wildlife and exotic destinations to discover and simple relaxation activities. Cruises in Baja California are a great way to explore this fascinating peninsula, as its coastline is very long and there are many islands on the Pacific coast. The island of Guadalupe is particularly known for its large colonies of sea lions. The Todos Santos Islands are famous among surfers who offer waves among the highest in the world. The opportunities for diving, snorkeling and kayaking are truly unique. Department stores, modern resort hotels, fabulous beaches and incredible weather satisfy every traveler’s dream.

Vacation homes in Baja California are very popular because it is impossible to discover the diversity of this country without stopping for a moment. Whether it’s a beach condominium, a cottage, a villa or an apartment, Baja California holiday homes have something for every budget and showcase the true spirit a holiday in Mexico.

The best of Mexico in Baja With wine tours available, horseback riding, fresh outdoor restaurants and the spectacle of sea lions nearby, unparalleled seascape and exciting water sports, Baja California exudes very touristy atmosphere. Many airlines in Baja California offer convenient round-trip flights that allow the traveler to feel comfortable during the holidays and to travel between airports. No wonder people visiting once do not want to go back!

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