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Case of small claims in Texas

Connie from Dallas became a member of the Collect Back Rent team in January. Connie was a retired teacher who owned 9 rental units. A tenant has left his rent due to a 2-month rent and damages of $ 2,000. Connie had heard stories of bad luck and had left without warning.

Connie had received $ 1,000 for the security deposit; the first step is then to send a detailed statement indicating where the security deposit has been dispersed. The detailed declaration of the security deposit ($ 1,000) that he has sent to the tenant has deducted the $ 1,000 in damages, leaving a balance of $ 1,000. In the letter of deposit, an application notice was $ 3,000 (rent and remaining damages). Connie sent the detailed declaration and the application form by certified mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

After 30 days, the former tenant had failed to answer the question, Connie then initiated a procedure of $ 300 for small claims ($ 2,000 of rent, $ 1,000 of damages). plus legal fees). I suggested to Connie to use a licensed processing server to provide court documents. Meanwhile, the defendant had hired a lawyer. The documents for small claims must be notified to the defendant and his lawyer

Note: Connie had never been in a courtroom, let alone before the judge. I had several mentoring calls to prepare for the hearing. Connie had the “mobile checklist” that shows the judge how the lease was when the defender moved. , proof of service, photos, and recipes of damages to be presented. My suggestion was to show one, maybe two photos of each of the damages, the receipt when buying the carpet that replaced it. Another advice is to get a witness to appear at the hearing when taking action for damages. This can be the property manager, the handyman or the business partner.

Hearing Day: he presented the case perfectly before the judge and the defendant’s lawyer. The defendant’s attorney arrived with an appropriation of $ 2,700 on the alleged $ 3,000 – Connie jumped on it. He could not believe it.

It has already been paid and has acquired a mountain of knowledge in complete safety. She entered the courtroom and beat a lawyer! The success story of an owner who has tried to train and evolves his old profession of the owner!


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